Monday, August 25, 2008

Just wanted to mark this day down.

To you:

25th Aug 2007, I said goodbye to someone who I thought would be with me for the rest of my life.
Though we were hardly in contact subsequently,
we both moved on, and we heard about each other through mutual friends.
Somehow fate brought you back into my life,
and now that you have stepped one foot into my world,
you do realised you do have a way to change me, yet again, don't you?

I remembered trying to lose sight of you, every single place I walked.
I remembered trying to stay speechless about you, every topic I raised.
I remembered when everything started to fade, I get news about you that kept me thinking.

You were unhappy when you heard I had another.
Yet I am to stay peaceful when I heard you might have another.

Guess we were never disconnected from each other.

Its been a year...
And if we never did make that decision, one month later would be our 3rd year together.
But time passes.
Life changes.
Paths crossed.

To me you are always special.
But now...
I guess the 'other' faded the 'you' in me.

All I have now is memories.
I don't want to change that.
At least for now.

Love, as always,

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