Sunday, August 10, 2008

These days I've forgotten about something,
then I recall them again.
Maybe I am capable of doing so...
I just need to try harder.

Nothing much~
Friday was spent @ Unicampus...
Flattened my butt sitting on the train all the way to commonwealth, to meet up with Vaal, Christina & Kathy.
In the end Kathy was late, though she kept telling Christina not to so that can give a good first impression meeting both Vaal & I.
Didn't manage to catch Fiza.
Wasted, man.
I was in silence throughout the whole study skills workshop.
Saw some guy wearing a LV belt and carrying a LV bag at the same time.
Need to be so flashy? ~.~

Night was dinner with Kaiqi, Joanne, Hiyu jie, Jeng Loon & kor.
Cafe Cartel - Long q.
Starbucks after, and after much pestering by me, we went home.
I was staring at the CS first floor toilet mirror, the one I always looked at when I was working in Cottage Pies 3 years ago.
I feel skinnier, finally.

Saturday was spent with Hiyu Jie & Jeng Loon.
Went K-boxing @ E-Hub, and had a taste of their K lunch.
Not too bad, it has standard choices instead of the menu of the day, like Cine.
But the food were... let's just say not too good, not too bad.

Headed to Suntec as Hiyu Jie's meeting her Ignited sweeties.
Other than having my soul half gone like many other normal afternoons, nothing much.
There was WCG and Starhub roadshow.
City area was filled with people of every kind, waiting to watch the fireworks at night.

Traveled to Bugis for some shopping.
I saw this dress I like so much, but its a 35.90bucks and I don't have that much.
Ended up buying a black halter with checkered straps and hem,
and also a long black cardigan to replace the poor, overused with 2 holes cardi.
Bugis is like, so empty?
Bus-ed home by 23...

Being very random today,
so lets just move on to pictures.
I don't know why but I'm like, super bored here.

Taken on Friday...

Taken yesterday with Hiyu Jie. City area, like I said, was darn crowded, from Marina Square to Raffles City.

Kitty I saw under my block.
Big, fat, and furry.
Wonder whose~
Grumpy, but its pretty gentle, with an adorable "mew~".

@ WCG, everyone's like, clustered there waiting to watch a dota match between two countries.
Think its India and another..... hmmm~

@ Starbucks with my bro.
My eyes are bigger than my brother's.
So I should feel happier, yeah?
Stop saying its cause I drew eyeliner, I bet 50bucks even if I drew the same on my bro's lids, his eyes will still be smaller.

With JL, Hiyu Jie. Taken by bro.

Nothing else to say.

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