Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fourth day since I returned back to studying...
Doing well, i guess?
My mood was not in tip top condition.
But whenever my mood swings around, I will get really. extremely hyper and full of jokes around my friends.
Its something so automatic and instinctive, I wonder am I trying to cheer myself up, or just hiding away.
But nevertheless, spending time with ladies are generally better than spending time with guys, particularly guys I actually have a relationship with.

Speaking of men, Paul is back in SG after a one week stay @ Sydney.
He said he got his gf to buy me some things here and there.
Woo hoo~ My future sister-in-law hohoho.

I'm at a loss of what to do for my weekends.
For once, its blank and out of dates with anyone of any gender.
Can I head to the Ktv or something?
I need to, you know, release some stress.


I heart Vaal for this.
I was telling her out of nowhere in Biz Finance & Acct lecture that I'm crazving for brownies cause I saw them selling pretty browns in Douby Xchange.
I pointed out the shop to her in the Xchange and I went to the washroom.
When I came back, I got her sms saying she's buying brownies and one is for me.

Its nice, btw.

Had dinner with Soonwai, KaiLin & Yan @ Pizza Hut.
Decided to have the twist and blah thing.
You know, the disgusting commercial, where the kids twist and turn plasticine and stuff.
Okay lah, not too bad.
I mean the pizza, not the commercial.
$14.30 per person, with drinks and soup.

Had Hawaiian for the pan pizza and seafood supreme for the twist.

I have really cute friends.

And a very tired me, taken on tuesday.

Have to head to Queenstown tomorrow for Study Skills lecture.
Meeting vaal, kathy & christina @ commonwealth.
We shall depend on vaal for directions to Unicampus.
Oh man, the transport costs T^T

Jeslene hearts
They have the best, in my opinion, glam indulges,
with a super sweet owner who I love to bits (and she loves me too haha)
Do give them a visit, they have dresses that are of really good quality and all.

Hard to find an online shop with the same tastes as I do. =)


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