Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm pretty much wide awake.
I woke at 830am, naturally.
Such a nice cold day for sleeping and I woke up ealr despite having lessons at 2pm!
Body clock, tick tock tick tock.

Gonna talk about some bimbostic stuff:
I juz realised I've got a pair of wedges left unworn!
I totally didn't know until I was flipping through my shoes cupboard~
And I found this pair of strappy black wedges, totally brand new, with price tag somemore.

How come I get so STM till even SHOES I forget?
Oh no, I hope I'm not getting senile...

Happened to be reading some beauty articles on shoppinglifestyle.com
and they have this how to dress slimmer article
and it is like, convincing me to buy that yellow halter sundress I saw in Bugis Street.
Cause they say Halters conceals broad shoulders, and it has a plunging neckline that suits busty ladies too.
I am so convinced.... loh...
The only thing is that its not black, but yellow is pretty~

I hear the sound of money.

I'm planning what to eat for breakkie.
Instant noodles?
So unhealthy.
But I'm still eating that.

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