Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday blues.
As blue as the dress I bought from dainty ladies, hahaha!
Just got it in the mail, its pretty =)
they juz launched their new collection, visit: ~

Something is really wrong with my body clock.
I'm waking like 6.30am, despite sleeping late.

Tat Sin is trying to drag me into the sinking of his.
He sinking into sad songs of Tanya, so he kept sending those songs to make me sink also!
He bully de loh!
Now listening to Ji Nian, Hu Xi and all.
If I get emo, its his freaking fault!

Had pre-dinner with my MDIS friends @ Thai Express.
Christina insisted I must eat, so I had the tomyam.
I was bearing in mind tong's philosophy about it will help to diet.

I'm missing all my old friends, don't like the drifting apart + leading own lives part.
They bring people together, and then they become the circumstance that tears people apart.

Initally had loads to random about.
But I forgot.
Its all tat sin's fault.
Really his fault.
He sent all those songs, and I kept listening till I forgot what's in my mind.

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