Thursday, August 14, 2008

I should stop starting an entry with: Nothing much to update about.
My life ahhhhhh.....

I mysteriously cut my finger on Tuesday.
Really very mysterious!
It was supposedly a paper cut, but I didn't rape my book violently...
So... What cut my finger, so deep somemore, I have nooo ideaaaah?

Blondie say I very clumsy.
I always shock him with injuries here and there.
I work I injure myself, I don't work and I study, I still give him injuries.
Ya, I think I'm very clumsy too.

Met up with Yan & KaiLin yesterday!
After lessons, Christina fed me with Creamy Chicken. =\
My MDIS ladies always feed me, they have sweets picnic during lectures lo.
Ya but anyway, I went off to Shenton Way to find Kai Lin, then we took a train to Pasir Ris...
We headed to Clarke Quay~

Had Yoshinoya for dinner.
Been ages since I had that beef & Salmon bowl.
*glances @ YT*

We decided to rot @ Lunar.
Yea, of all place, Lunar.
I'm sorry but the singing that night... was...
The three of us agreed.

Ladies night yesterday anyway, so okay lah.
At least we didn't pay to... listen.

Very dark inside, and we only have my phone's flash light to depend on.
So I became white, the rest, Black.

I look weird.

She's the queen!
Princess? Too CHILDISH! (Just like someone =.=)
We old hags are considered queens lah,
when we're older we'll become dowagers.
Uh oh.

Lychee martini.
Me love the fruit.

The stage.
Full house last night.

More photos are in my facebook album.

I'm going to kill off my thursday...
Have lunch with Kai & Xinyun jie & Blondie on Friday.
(Eek, the moment I typed blondie, he messaged me O.o)
Then woohoo my Sat away.
Sunday left unplanned~
Staying home most prob.

Weeks go on and on, man.
I better practice on my Final Accounts.
Test coming soon!

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