Friday, August 15, 2008

Changed my blog song to a duet I sang with another guy =P

I no like menses cramps. (On the other hand, who does?)
But that will show I'm not pregs (I don't want another daughter to add to my collection u know)
I no like menses cramps.
But that will give me a reason to teh (ya know, whine and all) to people who loves me.

My legs are weak due to stupid cramps.
I couldn't really stand firmly while I was on the train.
And now I'm still feeling the uncomfortable-ness.

But I'm rather happy today lah.
Having the TGIF aka Thank goodness its Friday symdromes.
I got lots of concern from the girls in school.
And blondie showered me with hugs and massages on my cramping back.
Poor Hiyu jie though, her voice =(
Drink more water!

When I was on my way to the toilet after meeting blondie,
I lifted my right hand and....
I was like, OMG OMG OMG OMG!
So eh, the burnt skin I had from accidentally touching the hot oven didn't heal properly.
And there were blood trapped in the thin skin.
I think I brushed against my bag and the skin tore, so the blood just gushed out.
Scared the hell outta me.
It was DRIPPING, the blood.

How clumsy can I get?

My ladies in MDIS,
Kathy, Christina, Vaal and Jeslene =D
Christina fed me again.
Vaal said though I'm not the oldest, I seem like I am the oldest.
She say I very calm.
I say, its not I very mature, its cause I'm silent and you all are HYPER!

Teatime with Hiyu Jie!

The oreocheese cake at cartel SUCKS.

I'm going to fall asleep soon man.

I hope my bestie is doing alrights.
Hugs to bestie <3

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