Sunday, September 06, 2009

Had a great Sunday today!
Woke up around 10am, and soon went out at 2pm to BF's workplace.
I did some work to help him,
after which we took our time to Orchard to meet Leaking & Raymund at Far East Plaza.

Had Wanton Mee,
And Raymund bit into a metal piece in the Wanton!
The woman didn't even apologise.
We didn't make a big fuss outta it.
But somehow or rather, the noodles tasted bland after that incident.

Had a walk around fareast and asked BF's opinions on a few dresses I saw when I was out with tong.
The guys went to ask prices about ITouch & Bluetooth devices, while Leaking and I looked at lingerie.
As we happily discuss about a baby blue nightie,
BF scared us with a "This is nice!"

We jumped, really.
He laughed like crazy.

Took a walk at Ion's branded levels.
LV looks good.

On the train home, Baby and I kept disturbing Leaking as she fiddled with her DS Lite games.
We sang songs to her, and all.
She kept failing all the brain tests.

Sat at McDee's and chatted the night away.

Random pictures!

I love my Pixon Pink XD

Shaky hand syndrome by Leaking Lee.

Love my BF tons <3

Leaking and I, camwhoring in Ion's toilet.

Oh well, don't we all love mirrors?

Yours truly.

And leaking was complaining that raymund doesn't smile when taking photos.

So Raymund did this:


Gonna rest my head a little now.

Strained neck!



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