Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Morning PEEPORRRE!

I slept a little too early last night, so I woke early!

Just wanna blog about events yesterday, before I forgot all minor details.



It was TONGYANTING's bird-day yesterday!
I managed to gather Leaking, Raymond, Maryanne, KaiLin and myself + BF to have dinner.

Cause Baby had work till 8pm, so we told them to leave for the food first.
We rushed like mad humans and Baby said this is the first time I raced.

In coordination of F1 Racing mah.
Okay, not funny, think BF will say I'm stupid.

We managed to reach by 8.45pm (I remembered the time cause I kept looking at my watch XD)
And my darlings decided to change a location!
Said: "Too little variety."

While waiting for them to settle the bill for Dim Sum,
BF and I went outside to see the Fountain of Fortune.
The laser thing was making some shapes like DNA structure,
I wanted to laugh when BF said its romantic, as in the atmosphere.
But I didn't lah.

So, after my innocent suggestion of Kenny Rogers (I added: or some other western food...)
They really settled at Kenny Rogers.

And they immediately served the Corn Muffins, before I could say NOOO!
Die die must eat there alrd.

Dinner was good, with random sides and tons of chicken.
BF and I made a scene by scolding and fighting with each other (yet again)
Kai Lin thought it was very funny though.
We fought and fought so much Raymond thought we were really fighting for real.
But after each round of fighting I'll ask:

"AIYA! You love me not!"

He'll grin then say "Yes."

Then end.
Mad silly.

Tong was super violent with the chicken!
Don't mess with her.

Baby and I got her a Black Dri-fit Tee with 'AHTONG!' printed on it.
Oh well, Baby's work.
She loves it. HENG AH!

Strolled towards Cityhall station, with tons of laughter.
Its super amusing to see Baby and Tong squabble.

The Orang Utan & Penguin!
They should be nice to each other since they both are from the Zoo.
But then again, its super entertaining.

Told baby to leave for home, since I'll be fine with my darlings all heading towards Pasir Ris.

Was soooooooooooo shagged Baby and I headed to bed by 12.30am.
Which explains why I'm awake now.
No, 8am to be exact.
Think I'll head back to nua on the bed for a while!


(BTW tong, hope you enjoyed the small gathering! =D)

(PS: BF! I love spending nights with you, don't know why but I just love it! Nights are more romantic I guess~)

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