Friday, September 04, 2009

My own silly rendition of being in love:

You know you're in love when...

You endure through silly stuffs your love does.
In my case, wrestling haha.

Be it fishing, or singing...

You do things that each other loves.

You watch him chase after his passion and applause him for it.

You leave something that signifies you at his place to remind him of you.

You both love a common something.

You're willing to stare into space for 3 hours at his workplace just so that you spend more time with him, even if you guys are heading back to your place after.

You and him worry over a stingray named Xiao Hei when it got sick.
So worried, you canceled all plans to shop just so that he can rest assure that its okay.

He sweeps you off your feet, and made sure you can rely on him.

And when there's problems surfacing, you talk everything out.
We all know, that everyone has a temper.
Be it fast and furious, or slow and burning.

Temper over, time to shake off your shoes and relax.
There's nothing in this world that couldn't be solved.

Ten days to another month.
Felt like forever though.

Yes this is a random entry.
I guess its my hormones =P

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