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I'm turning 21 in another 12hours time!
Had my celebrations with Dad yesterday at our place.
A small one, and really apologies to people who aren't invited due to issues!

Its gonna be a long long entry so I shall let pictures do the talking!

Confetti! (Or not? HAHA)

Baby told a lie about having to pass his friend something in the morning,
but he went to get a rose for me haha!

Tong and Leaking's love for me - Choc and Peanut Butter 'Cake'.
Why 'Cake'?
Cause no cake inside leh!

And their love jellies for Jelly Lee!

Of food, steamboat and friends, too many pictures!

Hearts Carrie!

Mum's anyhow take.

Dad and I share a cake =)

Family photo =D

Siglap friends =)

ITE alumni!

Hark singers!

Yours truly & Ang Ku Kuey haha!

My baby!

An announcement!: Tong is a good sweeper.

Couples - Syvian & SoonWai

Raymund & Leaking XD

And the King of my heart, BF!

Love BF so much, he placed so much effort in making this party a perfect one!
He killed crabs, snipped off prawn heads, sliced fishes, chopped chicken and made every little food item of the steamboat perfect.


And of course my little helpers who came to the supermarket with me:
Kailin, Tong, Raymund & Leaking!
Raymund even bought me lollipops! HAHA!
Tons of love for all who came!

Jeslene is really happy still!

Those who didn't come today, let's celebrate soon! =D

I just went to the doctor for my swelling feet.
And while I was there with Mum,
there was some commotion going on in the clinic.

A furious mother screaming vulgarities cause she had to wait 2 more numbers till her feverish son.
She even scolded the clinic assistant to "F*ck your mother's backside!"

Civillized, I see!

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