Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jeslene had a great weekend!

Spent my Saturday with BF, Leaking, Mum and Xiao Yi at Plaza Singapura.

I was at BF's place in the morning, and I had to drag him outta bed at 2pm to get him ready to head out.
We kicked, wrestled and fist fought.
Heng I messaged Leaking earlier to take her time.

Had lunch with my Mum & Aunt & Cousin.
Had tons of great laughter at Daiso after.
My little cousin kept asking why Baby hits me so much.
I told her, well, I hit him too.

And I told her stupid stuff like:

"Meimei, when you grow up and a guy gives you plastic flower, take it and throw at him okay! RIGHT BABY?"

Baby just nodded and continued his shopping.

Parted ways with my mum & aunt, and we went to Bugis for party stuff.
But oh well, too expensive.

Mum made banners for me =D

Had dinner at Tampines, and home we went to slack the rest of the night away.

Sunday, which is like, today, haha.
As usual, I went to BF's workplace and waited for him to knock off.

My family wanted to have Zi Ca at Tampines st 81, which was advertised on the tv show.

Yes we went.

But it was SO SO CROWDED our food only came 1HOUR LATER.

Not for hungry, angry people.

But overall food was okay.
Perhaps a 7/10?
Just that they were so busy, there were tons of glitches.
Time factor, food serving was really slow and they charged us for wet towels when they didn't even gave us any.

But oh well, food there are unique.

Before I headed out.
I have to wear loose clothes cause I'm bloating up.

Waiting for food.
Baby and his bluetooth headset.
Which I always get confused about, when he uses it.
He looked like a lunatic talking out of a sudden sometimes.

Random picture.

Briased egg-tofu.

Fried Kai Lan Veggie.
It tasted like salted seaweed.

Sweet&Sour Pork.


Cereal pork ribs.

My fav dish out of everything.
Its very very nice =DD

This is a very important oyster.
My dad took the last one and gave it to BF.
Then he said:

"I work very hard I take the last one, but I give it to you so you must take care of my daughter okay."


My dad is cute.

But one hour for food is...


Currently on the phone with baby and I've yet to shower.


Selamat Hari Raya to all my Malay friends!

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