Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jeslene is back to being a brunette~!

BF went to Watson and to my demand, bought Liese's foaming hair dye.
Since Baby wants it redder, we settled with the colour named:

Cassie Berry.

Sounds so edible.

So baby and I went happily back to my place (we got it from Jurong Point, silly right, buy there, dye here.)
and after dinner (which consists of Bak Kut beehoon, otah and Guo Tie)
I did the dye for him.

It was indeed foaming.
Didn't take pictures of the foaming, hands were occupied.
But it wasn't as foaming as it was advertised to be.
Maybe we didn't do it the right way?

BF helped with my longlonglonglong hair.
And yes, we shared a bottle.
It was more than enough, considering how thick and long my hair is.
It reaches my waist ya know?

It smelt like most hair dye,
but not that strong, pretty nice smell actually.

And it was quite easy to work with.

Left it for 30mins and washed it off, shampooed and conditioned.

The colour came out prettily.
Not as red, but bright enough to be seen under normal light.
Should be brighter in the sunlight I suppose.

BF looked good in that colour,
as for me,
well, at least my hair doesn't look dead flat anymore.


They enclosed a cute packaged leave in lotion.

Oh love it.

Would definitely recommend it.
My hair's not rough or dry after usage, maybe its my conditioner,
but smooth and silky.


Next colour I will try shall be Milktea Brown.


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