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Dearest Sky Ong Dong Ling,

Today we celebrate our 4th month together.

4 months may seem short to long lived relationships,
but each relationship starts with their very own 4months,
before they finally reach forever.

I ever told my friends.
"I won't say love forever. Only friends are worthed."

But I dare, and I will tell everyone now.
You're the one I will never let go.
I found someone who is worthed forever.


Thank you for talking to me after that terrible quarrel we had.
Thank you for assuring me, no matter how bad a quarrel turn out to be, you'll never leave me stranded alone.

I'm grateful for you.

I really treasure what we are now.
Being able to quarrel, but talk it out after,
tempers simmer down after a train trip,
and the willingness to kiss each other sorry.

And I am really grateful for you never will say "let's break up" even after a really huge fight.

"Together" didn't came easy for us, you said.

And I love you for this, this, that.

I'm glad I'm Jeslene,
cause I'm the one you love.

Now we have the same phone, same ring, same watch and even same hair colour XD

With all my heart,
Lee Rui Wen, Jeslene

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