Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Supposedly to be out with Vaal dear,
But my lip swelled along with that dreadful pimple above it.
So I'm temporary disfigured. Haha!

Pampering myself with long showers, masks, home cooked food.
Home alone is good sometimes =)

Pictures from weekends till now:

Baby went fishing Friday night till Sat morning.
12 hours.


Fat fat fat fat fishhhhhhh!

Was at bf's place yesterday, to check if he's okay.

Tabaoed YaKun bread set to his place.

And I didn't know they can pack eggs this way.
Initially I thought they would just pack the half boiled eggs shelled.
I told the auntie, wa like that also can! So cute!

And she said, ya everything also can pack, cute right.

But I'm darn clumsy.
I tripped over a chair at BF's place,
and I fell backwards, eggs in hand.
I didn't fall to the floor cause I regained my balance after a very dramatic hands-swung-behind sequence.

Spilled some eggs,
and I told BF's mum and grandmother than I'm super proud that I didn't fall after that dramatic action.

BF's hamsters kept giving birth.
Anyone wants?

I mean, look!

Snowy's fat and lengthy now.
Still adorable!

She loves to be stroked on her ears.

I applaud my Pixon's camera.
I took this picture of a SHRIMP in bf's planted tank, using Macro mode.
And look.

Its clear like crazy.
I mean, the shirmp is as big as the word "shirmp"!
Yes, the size of the word typed!

And blackie xiao hei is not that blackie anymore.
I touched him, and he's erh, rough.
But sooooooo cute.

The owner of above pets reminded me its 20 days more to my 21st.
I'm left with 20days to pretend I'm still young.


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