Friday, September 18, 2009

Anyone interested to know how's my hamsters?

They still sleep in queer postions:

Sit and sleep.

And sleep on another's tummy.

And they tend to sleep on their back, tummy and short limbs facing skywards.

Oh well, they're getting fat.

I had a great night with BF.
We had dinner at EastLink food court and got praised by the cleaners there that we're "courteous and friendly."

Cause we said thank you to them when they cleared our dishes.
But that's basic courtesy what.

BF and I kept fighting on the train,
I think everyone on the train thought we were crazy.
Cause he kept slapping me and I kept biting him.

Braided my hair up in the kitchen while talking to mummy just now.

Random, random.

I'm getting sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!

Heading for lunch with leaking tomorrow.
Sat would be with BF and my besties =)
Family dinner on Sunday, BF included.

Can't waaaaaaaaaait!

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