Sunday, June 26, 2011

SO under updated!

Hello dear all!

Hello future me!

There I go with the same sentence:
I haven't been updating blahyakblah.

Many things changed after my last update.

In term of relationships, work, and friends.

But I'm not gonna let time drag those things into the future. =D

I've gotten a new job, and now working as an Executive for the CEO office.
It may not sound impressive, but PA/Secretarial work is one step higher than the Admin Assistant job I used to have.

If they have not mentioned, I wouldn't have realised I actually have more than 4 years of work experience. lol.

I'm still kinda trying to get use to the jobscope, cause right now its not the busy season, so when it really comes, I'll have to use up all my might on it.

Photos to explain my days:

Anniversary day spent with BF and friends at the Zoo!
We realised there's a River Safari coming soon, excitement max.

It was a superb day,
BF relived the days we were at Queenway, where he picked azuki seeds for me.
I now have the whole bottle filled to the brim :D

Little fellow isn't afraid of humans, closes eyes in content when you stroke him.

May is also my Cousin's big day!
My family and I almost got lost and walked to mount faber instead lol.

Curled hair for the day!

Little name tags for the 'kids'.
Well, I'm considered the younger generation so...

The menu!

My beloved mum and I!

Check out the identical smiles and noses! LOL.

The bride and groom, serving tea to my parents!

Champagne for toasting!
I haven't been drinking, so three sips and I'm red.
BUT! Even my parents thought it was pretty high in alcohol level.
My younger cousins got half drunk after that.

Cupcakes filled with love! <3

My sirlion steak!
Food isn't the most fab, but the atmosphere was.
I fell for the place, so romantic!

The event was simple and sweet, filled with laughter and joy.

I wish to have a wedding like that as well :')

Oh, and my Cousin's wife is actually the childhood friends of the actress Jessica Liu.
She is madly tall and gorgeous in real.

Coincidentally, Tat Sin (my hark performing team band member) was at the wedding as well,
he's the bride's friend lol.

One rainy afternoon, as my BF, Yingying and I were walking back to his place,
we found this little humming bird, drench in the rain and fallen on the soil.

BF stopped to look, as he was carrying alot of things, he had to go to the shelter to place them down first.

As for the girls, Leaking pointed the bird out to me, and almost immediately I squatted and picked the little fellow up.

The picture you see above was when it was drenched.
It was shivering so much, and it shitted on me, like four times lol.

But after 30mins it started to dry itself up, shaking water off from its feathers.

It started hopping around, chirping, and looked really happy to see BF's other feathery friends lol.

But we knew we had to let this baby free.
So after its first attempt to fly around the room, I took it down to the tree where it fell from.

Call me insane, but as we went out to get dinner, and back again,
we saw the little fellow, with its family, on a bald tree, singing happily.
I somehow knew, it came to say thank you and bye :)

Let me believe so lah ok!

Other furry matters:

Hello Sapphire!

Other fatty matters:

Madly in love with polkadots, but cannot match up with Tong's love for it!

Camwhoring at BF's place, with his camera.
I love this picture, lighting and all.

But BF disagreed and told me he liked this picture instead.
Whats with men and pouting girls?

Still madly in love with this man.
Even though now I'm on a full time job, and we meet each other for only 2 days a week,
I hope we will hang on tight and strong =)

End of entry!
Long enough alrights!

BF's Pioneer Cup Basketball Competition is right ahead.
All the wayyyyyyyyyy!

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