Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A greater need, a greater responsibility

Recently I've been tied down to settle one big fat problem.
As most people know, I've gotten my BTO flat, at Clementi. It was the one BF & I really hoped to get, and under high competition (4 families fight for 1 unit)

Lady luck stood by us. 
I couldn't contain the happiness when I got the news. 

But soon after, I got slammed with reality.

How are we going to pay for the downpayment?

Thus, I've been thinking really hard. Money, its never easy.
My head is in a blur now. Thankfully, I do have ways to settle it, even if it means having to take a loan.
The best people to thank have to be my bosses.
Its not yet a year I'm in the firm, but their support and advises, are priceless.

I want to look forward to what we have now, and we can have for the future.
Juggling finances is never easy. 
But I want 'us' to strive through this together. 
Happiness doesn't come easy.
Contentment comes after hard work.

Let's work hard, my husband-to-be.
I want to have our kids live in a comfy home.
Somewhere they will wanna slack in during weekends.

Keep the passion burning, they say.
I'll keep passion burning, in reality.

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