Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Oh wow, the last entry I wrote is December 2013, that is 2 years ago. If not for Facebook reminding me on the entry I wrote about how I brought Baby my bunny home (she's 4 years old now!) I wouldn't have peeked a look into my blog.

So hello, you, if you happen to pass by!

A little update about how Jeslene is now.

First and foremost, I am married now. I married the man I met 6 years ago this May 2015, and this is probably the biggest change in my life so far. I no longer put 'Single' in any sorts of questionnaire or forms I have to fill. This feeling is rather queer i suppose!

THe last time I mentioned about a job was Art related. I was starting out a brand new job after a bad ending in the firm I was previously in. Well, I have left that job as well, and I am now in the IT industry, handling matters of 35 team members, holding this job for nearly 3 years now.

Whenever I come back to update this blog, I see and read about my old self. I surprise myself sometimes with how the old me thinks. Its like a time capsule, a little snippet of what a younger Jeslene could have been through and could be thinking.

In year 2012, the last entry before this.

I told myself, I want to travel more, I want to be someone everyone loves, I want to be someone different from who I was in 2012 - irritating and full of childish temper.

Now in 2015, December.

I feel like I did it.

I feel loved, Im mostly happy, contented. I count my blessings a lot. I am a lot more positive, and I hope I will inspire more people to believe in themselves.

I am also a lot more healthier now, in the sense of lifestyle. I picked up the habit to work out every week in the gym because I was sick of being sickly all the time. (but erh... actually im still recovering from a cold now)

i picked up Yoga, and now Im attending Zumba classes, which I kept repeating - this is a whole new kind of tired man.

But I love it.

I too, lost a friend this year. She was pretty close to my heart, in all honesty. When I was about to get married, it seemed like it faded off, even if I tried talking to her.

It just distanced naturally. I think back often and get upset sometimes. What possibly happened? Have I done anything wrong?

But I also learn that sometimes... its not meant to be. Whatever happened must happen. For the good, for the bad, I don't know. But I get stronger, and I get better. Isn't that so?

Starting this new job also gained me alot more new friends. I gained Lynette and Linda. Nothing gets better than this.

I may be married, but I dont see my husband as often. Perhaps its the pure sense of security that we are bound together by marriage. I actually see him only once a week very much all the time. We try to spend more time together by travelling though. We make up for the lost time. Reading back, the 2-3times a week was a luxury. All the more to treasure this relationship.

In the future, once again, I want to be stronger. I want to keep this positive eneergy, I want to be a better person to everyone. I want to smile at all hurdles to jump over (this sounds like an idiot but its okay la.) Be more meticulous, and definitely, be more forgiving.

Give yourself a hug :)

And hello, you, future me. When you finally remember this blog once again, and read back. :)

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