Monday, June 18, 2012

That dress.

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Just yesterday, while I was out with VIctoria & Rebecca for some Dim Sum cravings satisfaction, I came across this Thasi Designer Fashion fair ongoing at the atrium of our very own Vivocity.

Different aspiring thai designers with their dresses, ready to be purchased by ladies whose eyes will lay on.

Honestly, I wouldn't have looked, if not for the curiosity. For I'm one big cheapo and the dresses there costs probably more than I can afford. But I looked on anyway.

Its kinda strange, come to think of it now. WHY would I look at gowns when I don't even need them?

But okay, and so I browsed and I landed at this little corner, with the brand name Nolita Bangkok.

And I found something that caught my eyes.
Pink V neck, with mesh bottom, gems at the waist and a silk sweetheart bustier within the Vneck line.
Price? $40.

But it didn't hit me then, that I will need it somehow.

I joked to Vic that I can use it for my ROM.
And jokingly SMS BF that I found a ROM dress I would love.

I was already at the second floor when I received his 'GO GET IT' reply.
But I was like meh, Im kidding!

Now, I have no idea when I'm gonna get married, even though it is set to be within 3 years.
It could be anytime. But I seriously have no estimation as of yet. All I wanna do now is settle the lease of agreement  by this year.

Since he said that, Vic and I headed back down and....

The dress is sold.





But now I'm totally sold. To this brand.
I'm desperately searching for it, hoping I can find a way to know about the brand and her wonderful designers.

So if anyone knows about this Thailand brand, or her designers.... HELP!
I actually thought of going Thailand to search for them, but it hits me they might not have a retail shop. =(
Good luck to me!

... Meanwhile, everything is going fine for me.
I want to stay positive.


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