Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Make it short. First day of school....

Met a few friends in the morning, Hooi hooi *pronouce as huihui* and Xin Yan... They juz came over and sat with me in the canteen as i was alone... Hmm, nice ppl =) But we're different courses, they're accounting, whereas im in Biz Admin. So we went seperated ways during assembly. Xchanged number tho...

Assembly was kinda bored, sppeches as usual, and a few performances. A few singing performances, but my mind drifted off... So I guess.. The guy sitting beside me was cursing, while listening to his mp3. Blasting the ear phones sia. Then all of a sudden became very polite asking me for the time haha.

ISP = My class. Those ice breaking la, all those cheers la. All those cheers LiYan threw me all came back man. All the "ISP oi, ISP oi, ISP ISP sak sak oi" la, sexy clap la, macho clap la, and he 55 Bishan cheers. ~.~ I wanna run home, but in the end?!!!! say 215 end, but ended up 3pm then end. Knew a few more new friends, Hui Hui, Carrie and YanTing. Liana's the same class as me! Ain is in ISO >_<

After sch went to yen's house there, eat lo. Then go home, cuz Im not feeling very well. Stand up also will leg shake =.=

I skipped sch today, before anyone scolds me, i wasn't feeling well, and my mom agreed okay? I MC-ed sch without a MC, ok?


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