Saturday, January 21, 2006

Got nothing to blg about, just feel like blogging so~! I went to see Yan and Joel's blog just now. Yan was talking about her presentation, about her ideal spouse *which i almost read as mouse =.=* And Joel was talking about his ideal girl.

Then yesterday someone said im his dream girl =.= *eek.*

So I started thinking what is my ideal guy like? Hmmmm~

He must like music, he MUST. Because I wouldn't be able to talk to him about music if he doesn't. Such a torture.
He must be tall. like Yan said, 175cm and above can le ba? But Xie Zhi is 173cm, so I guess taller than me can le ba. Who ask Yan to be so tall. Lol...
He can smoke, but please, not in front of me. I wouldn't restrict him too much, but I do expect him to change for me, may it be just a little. =) Social drinker is all right. He can gamble if he wants, but don't bring me. Lolz. But i would rather he doesn't.
He should have nice eyes lol. No la, shun yan can le. If not shun yan, cannot everytime date then feel like hitting him ba?
Medium built? Hmmm should have some muscles la... or else how to protect wo zhe ge ruo nu zi *everyone sweatdrops*
He should be gentle to me, caring, cheerful... I dunnoe, somehow my expectations kinda too high. Lolz!

Let's see... How much had he achieved.... : Music, yes.... Tall, yes... Smoke yes, but he doesn't smokes in front of me *cuz he knws I will throw the lighter at him with a bomb* Social drinker yes... but so am i.... I don't think he gambles la. Nice eyes yes i have to admit.. very shun yan lol... Built not too bad... Gentle is erh.. I dunnoe... And erh caring is okie ba.. .Cheerful... he you yu wang zi lo...

Erh. I dunnoe... Half half ba~

Where is my prince charming~ LOL.

Yay... go work.....

Yay....... *cries*

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