Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy new year guys! ^^

I was working yesterday, as usual~! Busy yeah... Haha... I know I sound kinda crazy now, but a new year means a new start for me. I just feel happy. I think it's all cuz I went for a few leisure thingies these days, lightened up my mood totally. ^^

Yesterday was busy! I mean it, it's like, a whopping 800bucks something.. Haha... At night Yan, Kai, Vic and Joel came to find me... We're actually going for a movie after my work... Yan came by and said: We're going Hans for dinner! ............ grr, I haven't ate anything since breakfast ya know..... Grrrr. But luckily she did remember to buy fish burger for me to eat in the cinema ^^

We went to watch Narnia. It's a great movie~ Worthed the $9.50 >_< I give it 5 stars~ Watch it! I don't want to give spoilers, in a way im still lazy. Heh.

We missed he countdown in the end, cuz the movie ended at 12am sharp. We went home after that hahaha.

Life had started out great this year.

Happy new year guys =)

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