Monday, January 30, 2006

I know I haven't been updating... Cuz there isn't much interesting things for me to write about yeah. Hmmmm.. The most recent one is the class gathering at WS, Magic Wok... Quite alot fo us didn't come... Lolz.. But Im glad still, there's people where la. Thanks to roman~ But roman you bad, you blacklisted sw i heard. YE still nvm, but SW like a little mean wor. The dinner was great, Ching and Joel keep saying each other act cute. Lol.. Keng Leng came also! I haven't seen her in ages~

Yan was having a slight fever towards the end of the gathering. I kept telling her to go home earlier but she doesn't seemed to care. Welloz. She msged and CALLED me while I was sleeping this morning, at around 1am. My ringtone is quite loud you know, I was SCARED out of my bed and glaring at the fone. I think I just flipped the phone close and ended de call. YAN, why you call me so late?!

Happy New Year babes and hunks ^_____________ ^

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