Monday, January 16, 2006

Today is quite a good day, or rather night. Why so?

It's our class's last vocal lessons. Because we have to split. If you've read my previous posts, you'll know. We didn't end up sticking together *sighs* Denson and Patrick are not continuing for sure. It's going to be Andrew and I, oing for the Sat Lessons. But we'll have to wait for the class to go until our standard first, that will be March 18th.

We sang alot fo songs today. It's only Denson, Patrick, Andrew and me. Ricky didn't come, neither did the other two.

Shan Hu Hai - I sang it with Patrick~ We actually wanted Lian Ai Ping Lv, but the weird karaoke is half nia. So we settle with Shan Hu Hai. Loads of laughter, cuz Patrick kept getting the last part wrong.

Denson sang, that... Duan Dian. "baby dun go, dun go~" That song... Very nice! He improved Darn loads! And he sang JJ's Chi Pang too, not bad at all! O_O

Andrew sang Na Jiu Zhe Yang Ba by Dong Li Huo Che. It's really nice, serious.

Ni Zui Shen Gui... I ended up singing this song with WILSON the INSTRUCTOR. I was darn darn darn nervous and stressed. Patrick ensured me "Don't worry we're listening to wilson only, not you not you," Like is that a console? *glares* I went quite well i guessed. My heart was beating very fast, cuz IM sooooo nervous! Wilson is really really good!

Im lazy to post up pictures today. Im going to rebond my hair tomolo morning. >_< Big Buccks!

I talked alot with Andrew tonight. It felt really good to talk to someone who has the same interest. He adviced me about having a career that would show my talents, which i denied that I had none. Lol. He said it would be wasted if I left my music and languages in a corner and go for courses that would show no talents I had. True though. I realised I was rather respected about the fact that I decided to go for a vocal course and even fork out my own money jsut for it. Lolz.

Waiting for Hiyu jie to tell me if she wanna go for the courses not~

My class rocks, full of rockers lol.


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