Saturday, January 14, 2006

I know I haven't been writing any updates~ That's coz I couldn't find anything interesting enough to update... Like say, I haven't went out two days in a row... Been really restless and I have nothing to do at home Lol... I was playing Red Alert Command and Conquer, and Puzzle Fighter. Anyone remember those old old games? Like, 6 to 8 years ago? Lolz... I do! I quite like red alert, but erh, the graphic was darn lolz.

I watched Wo Cai yesterday, and they were talking about Young moms. There was this lady who is just 24 yrs old, with 2 children already. One is already 3 years old! But when she was interviewed, she cried.

"I was told to go to Tai Da *that's the biggest hospital in Taiwan, i think* because the hospital I went to didn't want to keep me. I have a weak heart and I knew it. But when I went to Tai Da, the Doctor told my mother: "I cannot keep her. She has a weak heart, don't you know she cannot give birth?! I do not want to wheel her in alive and wheel her out without breathing!" She was cying already. Tears fell from my eyes too. Imagine, a young mother of 19 at that time, was told such a devastating news, even though she thought she would have a good life, for her husband had decided to take care of her the rest of her life.

All parents are great, no matter what. Just the fact that they take on great pain to give birth to you, and bring you up makes them great. Who would want to hear their children scream at them and say: "I never did asked for you to give birth to me!"

Okay, back to my life. My mom was erm, extremely funnie yesterday. The reasons being:

1) She called for pizza and said: "I want a meal lover... Nono, it's meat lover!" I was kicked for laughing too hard.

2) She called this resturant for my brother, cuz he wanted to ask about the prices. The number was something-something-999. I was in my brother's room at that time, so was she. She was using his phone there. We heard something going: "Sorry! Oi, how come I called the emergency line?!" My brother and I was shocked. "what emergency line?!" My mom: "Mata chu lah! *Hokkien*" Meaning? She called the number, but didn't know why she ended up called 999 instead. And called the Police Emergency Line.

I was laughing non-stop. Lolz... Things my mom do can be really dorts sometimes...

All right, Im going off to work in an hour's time. So well, take care everyone, espcially these days weathers had been really rainy and unpredictable. I had flu myself. XD

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