Saturday, July 08, 2006

7 random facts about me:

1. Jeslene, the name, is not on my IC.
2. Has a batch of Jeslenies, aka, my fans haha.
3. Wrote fan fiction ever since 13 years old.
4. In love with some stupid man.
5. I LOVE 5566!
6. Is Emotional
7 .Love laces

7 things that scare me:

(In no order of merit~)

1. People commiting Sucide
2. Losing my friends and family.
3. Pain: Operations etc
4. Exams that I sure sure fail!
5. distance: from my friends and family
6. Okay not afraid, but I dislike being alone always
7. Century eggs and peacocks. Come on and laugh at me sniff

7 random music at the moment:

1. Ma De Li Bu Ke Si Yi
2. Wu Niang
3. Love Story
4.Forever Love
5. Bu Xiang Xiang Tai Duo
6. Bu ke Si Yi
7. Fang Sheng

7 things i say the most:

1. Qu Si La
2. Go and Die La
3. Wad the fu*k
4. Wad the hell!
5. Wa haha!
6.Dots you!
7. I love _____ *whoever the dao mei guy*

7 people to do this:

2. Yan
3. Hiyu neechan! <3
4. Angel mei
5. yixing
6. Amie baybeey~
7. Alda Hu Tai tai

Damn i always kanna de.


Waiting to go out now....

Yan overslept!



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