Thursday, July 06, 2006

once you've been tagged, you have to blog 6 weird facts/habits/ things about yourself and list who tagged you.after you finished, do remember to choose and list the next 5 pple to be tagged.

Freako, Im tagged by Ah TONG. >///<

1 . I love myself more than anything. But of course, I love my friends and faamily as much. ^^

2. Vanity is my middle name *nods again* is there any of my friends who didn't know about this? Hmm? If you don't you ought to be shot *bang~*

3. I like to flirt, with my friends HAHAHAAHAH! Ya, they always kanan the why u wan me to kiss you thingies hahaha... But hey im straight to the core. Hahahaha~

4. I is the starter of the 'tong language', or rather, i is the teacher of her bely weird lang---age.

5. I get ga-ga when I eat chocs. I love chocs ! <333

6. I make perfect imitations of a cat's meow and a monkey's chimping. Weird enough?

Tagging: Hiyu jie, alda, amie, marcela and yan. Out of the five i doubt anyone will reply this tag.


edited, Hiyu jie! DID! ^^

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