Sunday, July 23, 2006


Im freaking tired la!

I finished work like an hour plus ago. Now im like, strengthless.

Sat was Qi's chalet... I decided to go anyway, after my project presentation. Presentation was all right. I almost bit on my tounge, the client's mouth has honey, she speaks like theee-eh---ick! *prononced = Thick* Alan the crap is crap again. He's like telling me about faxes that I should do *which i don't have to, cuz Tina's job is tt all right* I was speechless. Then he said....

"You can do this at home babe."

I stared at him.

"Alan dearest. I do not have a fax machine you IDIOT. And how DARE you ask me to do things TINA the SECRETARY should do!"

Alan: *Gasp* Come come let's go home, I'll drive you home.

right, he drove me home all right. Then went to meet Yen, ying this blur sotong. Sighs. long story la. I felt like I stepped into a pirate ship. Wanying happens to captain the Flying Dutchman. =.=

The chalet was quite fun. I realised on the exact day....

I became an Auntie.

Kun's son was born 1 month plus ago. Lil baby boy by the name of Jin Xin. A lil like gurl's name. But sounds pretty nice. I'm going to pack an Angbao for Kun's wedding present and also little Jin Xin's first month. Kun and Huan bascially went to register for marriage already. On March. BAH. I scolded him for not telling me.

He actually didn't want to take th angbao, but I insisted. "You still take me as yopur god sis, if yes take it."


I have a nephew. God-nephew lolz. I don't know, seems like i'm very much used to the fact already.

I saw thomas they all too. Missed the old times. I always tot I have jus a few guy friends only, but turns out I was the only one socialing with them, cuz Qi was buzi hosting and Ying is entertaining Yen and Yu. Yu is crazie. She sees ying hui and starts laughing for no reason. Like ah tong like tt.

We went to play some crackers and stuff after tt... Im still awiting for the pics to be sent to me. The family pic, and the whole gang of us.

Only managed to get home at 2am. Mom was really angry. >_<

Tomolo is sch again.


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