Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I zctually wrote an entry, but that entry was too boring. basically I don't want to end up like:

"Today i do this and that so sad sniff" Like... well, too simple? Lolz. *shrugs* But I'm always like that haha.

I finished downhloading wo men jie hun ba 1 & 2. it's really a good drama. It's sad, but romantic and what's best, you can see HE JUN XIANG ! That's like ahaving a present and you see loads of slawberry on top. *cuz I dislike cherries, babe*

Tian wai fei xian, I only managed to capture two Epis of it. It's quite all right. I like Lin Yi Cen, so it doesn't matters if Hu Ge looks like Christorpher lee *like, everyone seemed to look like Chris lol * Sotryline is quite normal, like Lin Yi Cen is the youngest of the 7 fairies, who all are the Jade Emperor''s daughters. But their Second sister fell in love with with a common earthling, and were forced to seperate. The second sister was then punished and will only be released from the punishment when she gets a red apple that will nv turn black.

So Xiao Qi, lin yi cen, went down to earth and of course, fell in love with another commoner. Whose teacher happens to be the manw ho fell for the second sis.


Ya like tt lo?

*heeeeee* I dunnoe wad to type leee....


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