Monday, July 03, 2006

Yeahhhhhhhhhh I'm back to update......... With not much pictures~ Because now ish Holidaessss~ So there''s no curry slawberry bunny for me to take pictures~ ^^ So bear with my ugly face!

Oh wait, Pool of dung is still wanted right? For shooting *taking a picture?* of curry? Oh yaaa... So putting up Pool Of Dung's picture right now, anyone saw her, please arrest her... She 'shot' curry.
Saw that flower flower thing? Lolz... Bought it on sat. With tong, but she was sick so i have to let her off, go home early. But she insist im angry, as usual! AM NOT.
Yish, you think where I saw this two guitars? Not in Yamaha, not in Hark music. I saw it in a stationary shop at 201 there! I'm like, SHOCKED.

Bad kitty, sit until like that, so fat somemore... this kitty is actually kinda cute you know. But when he saw a smaller cat approaching, he started CHASING, and FIGHTING the poor thing We tried to stop him, but yeah, he's too quick.

Then we saw him again, at the coffee shop, waiting for food. So my father gave him some food, and the cat was looking up after he finished the food. My dad went:

"You ah, if you didn't bully the smaller cat I would had gave you more food, but you bad! Bad! How can you do that? Next time cannot le ah! CANNOT ah!"

And he was tapping the cat's head while saying that. Every time my father tapped the cat's head, the cat would just shut his eyes, like he's listening like tt.


Okay. Nothing to update.

Someone save me!!!

No, not save the queen, not sparing anyone either.

Don't play play can.... ^^

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