Friday, May 08, 2009

An early Mother's Day celebration at Tampines One:

Due to erh... unforeseen circumstances (which actually is foreseen lah)
My family decided to celebrate this occasion earlier than the actual day.

I have 4 mothers to respect haha.
So yeah.
One is Yan's Mummy.
One is Kai Ma.
One is Sky's mum.
And of course my own mum.

I shared cost with Leaking to get Yan's Mummy a Turquoise shawl.
Kai Ma, its something branded, shared cost as well, with the three siblings and Paul. Haven't seen that actual thing though!
Sky's mum, told him to get flowers on my behalf.


I got her a sunflower with my brother, and sky insisted to get one daisy for her on his behalf.
I think I have to marry him soon man.

And she said "Get something useful for me!"
So I got her a tiny teddy (cute to bits, I want one too T^T) to hang on her phone.
And a file for her to place her whatsoevers.
You know teachers, tons of papers.

And our really RARE family photo.
Now you know where I get my looks from.

My bloody brother.
And that's HIS hand, not mine.
I wondered how he could look so bored yet put a peace sign up.

And ben xiao jie acting stupid. HAHA.


And fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

That's it for now, I'm preparing to head out to meet my darling tong.


(Shit, I think I got influenced by the weeeeeeeeeee syndrome.)

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