Monday, May 18, 2009


Pictures and updates to chase my monday blues away ay~ay~!

(Yes I woke with a good mood, and a weird dream. Say, Ben Adams and menses?)

Friday studying with Zaza and Leaking:

Thanks Za for your last min tuition hahah!

On sat, after my Statistics Sub Paper, I headed to Queensway to get lunch for myself as well as for Sky.
The chicken chop rocks man.

We hung around queenway shopping centre with the help of DS lite and a Laptop for 5 hours before Sky finally knocked off.
Went his place for dinner and I love his mummy.
Cause she stands by me HOHOHO against Sky HOHOHOHO!

Sunday, I whined and we decided to head to Bottle Tree!

Its not that happening in the afternoon I guess?
Family Days held there though.
Tons of Kids killing the long kang fishes.
I was quite terrified at the way they torture the fishes.

Leaking even saw a kid who poured the water out of his tank, despite the fishes being stuck in the lid's filter holes.

Like omggggggg.
Then he just scooped water into his tank again.
Where is the loveeeeeeeeeeee.

I don't wanna be a long kang fish.

Leaking and I being romantic.

Bottle Tree against the sky.

I mean, the Sky sky.
Not the human sky.

Lotus Pond...

With tons of hungey fishes which follows you around waiting to be fed.

Fishing pond!
Fishing... Lake?

We headed to Yishun Central to look see.
The weather is so darn hot, I felt faint.
A bottle of coke saved me.

I kept pulling Leaking towards the meal worms and centipedes and crickets.
Oh so evil, I am.

Bused back to Tamp Central, and we cabbed to Leaking's place.
Slacked for a moment then we decided to shoot baskets nearby.

And before we went out, I said:


So there goes.
Heng the person who piggybacked me wasn't Leaking HAHAHAH!

My accuracy of shooting basket sucks.

Unlike Sky who shot in 7 baskets, standing in the middle of the court.

Well, at least Leaking was with me.
Happily missing baskets.


Dinner @ Hei Sushi.
And I sorta blew up.
Sorry guys.

I need to head to Unicampus again.
Stupid receipt.

Erh. I'm done.

Its quite a long entry.


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