Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Was out to accompany Za and Leaking for their interview,
after which, I dragged the both of them to have waffles cause I wanted to taste sweetness.

Which resulted in this:

Waffle House @ Paya Lebar SingPost Building (and I still don't know if its named that way. Oh well, you get the gist.)

Root Beer float, my very safe choice.
A&W, authentic, so they say.
But its most probably from an authentic can of A&W root beer.

Za's Strawberry cream & Chocolate waffle,
and mine, Banana Chocolate.

Choco & Banana is one of the best combination ever yo.

Leaking's not very safe Peppermint don't know what.
Tasted like mint syrup and well, water.

Waffles rock my world.

Camwhoring session:

Random picture za took.

Reflections on the water.

And the real building itself.

I'm seeing Za again on Friday!
Its time for statistics revision........................


And to you,
Ty for the understanding, tons of concern and love you gave to me.
You know who you are.
If you see this picture and you still have no idea who you are,

You go and kill urself ok!

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