Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Met up with the babes for curry @ Queensway and Ikea craze.
With the ladies around, you must have the intelligence to pose whenever someone directs a camera at you.

Yes, whenever, wherever.

Even if you got mistook as a dog.

(Vaal: Jeslene wait STAY!)
(Jes: =3 Squats down gingerly.)

I think bf needs more training, cause he flushed red.
Whole face red.
Ey, live up with our camwhoring names leh!

See, wherever you go~ whatever you do~
Vaal's cam will be right here waiting for you!

Vaal's dog died.....

I'm still here what.

I don't understand what's so stressful about ikea.

But I'm obviously still alive, so you girls better stay calm and peaceful, mai emo over ikea can.


The end.

I love my babes.


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