Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy Labour day!

Of Jack's Place, Potian Wanton Mee and other randoms:

Can down be found replacing LJS in Far East!

Jeslene is a carnivore.
Like, a serious one.

Took a walk in Iluma and my brother caught a winnie the pooh (With juz 1 dollar) for my mum.
Its now in my plushie display with Caramel the Tigger and Riyuu the Eeyore.

Mummy was like exclaiming: EEEEE the pooh so cute! Catch for me!

Yes, my mum.

We tried to catch a ben & jerry's ice cream, but oh well, couldn't.

Yeah about Potian, and Graffiti Cafe.

And yours truly.

I realised my blog entries are getting shorter and shorter.
I wonder if its cause I lost the touch, or did I just lose myself.
Or maybe there weren't anything interesting to blog about, as of yet.

Then again, loads of misfortunes.
Like, my bro stepped on the back of my slipper and it broke in Kinokuniya @ Ngee Ann City.
I had to drag myself all the way to Far East Plaza to get a pair of wedges that I wanted since weeks ago.

Anyway, love outings with my family <3

I dropped my phone yesterday and now the back cover is loose.
My phone had to be secured with a rubber band.

Eh, got nothing else to blog about.

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