Friday, May 29, 2009

I met Peiyun up for Sakae 60mins lunch buffet @ Parkmall!

Love stupid chatting sessions with this girl man.
Everytime we tried to meet, something is sure to happen.
We already postponed twice, so its a relief we finally met.


And while I was waiting for Leaking at PS...


Fake dinos.

We two taitais have nothing to do, so we just roamed around.
And being full to the brim, I kept having to sit down.

So yeah, sit and camwhore!

This picture looked like some korean drama.

Roamed at Bugis Street,
Ran around chatting with the owners of the shops (YES, I know them due to too much shopping)

Then I took Bus 33 to queeeeeeeeeenswaaaaaaaay.

For what?
Its obvious lah.

Don't like that leh!
We don't get to stick together much leh!

On the way home after work, Sky showed me the grasshopper he saw on the way to his workplace that morning.
Apparently, out of 2, 1 is still there.


Told sky to take a picture for me.

Cause between the grasshopper and me, there's a freaking LONG KANG.
So let him be the hero lah.

I didn't notice it till he told me.
Let him take the credit on being observant then.

Then I just decided to take a random picture.


I think we should stop gossiping about people on the train man.
Our favourite topic happened to be:

"Aye, is that lady pregs ah, or just plump?" Questioned Jeslene, thinking of giving up her seat.
"Hello my dear, that woman is obviously old enough to be our mother loh. How to be pregnant." Sky said a-matter-of-factly.


I felt stupid HAHAHA!
I saw the tummy, but not the face =X
Im not being mean, I was just wondering out of goodwill.


Erh, hehe?

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