Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Somehow I realised as time goes by,
that I'm both,
someone easy to love,
yet someone easy to hate.

(Miss Tong, don't act innocent, you're the one who stuck this tag on my forehead)

To those who loves me,
I'm someone who is independent,
worthy of everything in the world.

To me,
I'm someone who is stubborn,

And when those things I mentioned about myself gets exposed way too much,
I get the hatred.

I'm well aware of those 'friends' who decided they can see the latter and left.
And I'm well aware of those friends who saw why they love me.

Let those who left be gone, back into their paths of life without Jeslene.

And let those who thought I was all they thought
and when they get to see the latter,
they still love me,

be with me as always.

Nothing is wrong.
I'm just contented with everyone around me right now.
Someone who loves me with the heart and soul.

I'm going to genting in July!

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