Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I went farm mart and Qian Hu with Sky on Sunday.
The thing is!

I uploaded the photos to my facebook,
so now I'm lazy to update about it on my blog.

Blame it on my laziness, ya know.
But here are 2 pictures that you haven't seen:

First photo being Ru Hua.

Wo de yi ke xin~ muah muah~

And second, being Ah Boy.

Both are Sky's house pets, along with hamsters, guinea pig, and fishes that looked like they stay in the Amazon.

I didn't name Ru Hua.
She was named by his mom who thought she was ugly.
But Ru Hua LOVES sky.
I tell you, its true, she only listens to him.

And Sky's hamsters are mercilessly named by me.
Both parents and kids, a pair in a cage, are of the same colour, one brown, one sandy beige.

So, the brilliance of Jeslene.
Parents are named, Vanilla & Chocolate.
And kids, Horlick and Milo.


*Ducks from bananas thrown towards her.*

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