Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blogger new post is still haywire.
Seriously, everything is WRONG these days in Blogger.

Moving on to other topics.
Whining doesn't help.

Gotta love photobucket. Always there when I need it, especially when blogger screws up.


I've started work at SGH, being a multiple jobster.

Honestly, it wasn't all that bad.
Just that I'm still trying to get used to the social environment.
I had this glitch in me.
Realised that I'm not THAT sociable anymore.
Somethings I say, somethings I don't.
Not the new girl that would chirp a reply happily.
Instead I'm just, nodding, smiling, okay okay I got it.

Some people are really rude.
I mean, visitors.
They can be in such a rush, they think temperature taking is a big nuisance, and that YOU'RE the nuisance causing them to slow down.

You want to cross the building without a mask?
Go on.
You tio h1n1, don't blame us.

I'm lucky to have Kailin as lunch companion.
She's working 2 blocks away from me.
Gotta work like 7.30am tomorrow.

I'm serious.
And I'm doing OT till 5.30pm.

Dead much?

I missed ODL terribly.
I really felt like whining to him about myself, the headache that's killing my single brain cell, and such.
I guess that's the case when you have someone you can depend on.

I'm so whiny!


And admittedly, I'm more of high maintenance recently.

Hate it.

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