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Blogger new post is still haywire.
Seriously, everything is WRONG these days in Blogger.

Moving on to other topics.
Whining doesn't help.

Gotta love photobucket. Always there when I need it, especially when blogger screws up.


I've started work at SGH, being a multiple jobster.

Honestly, it wasn't all that bad.
Just that I'm still trying to get used to the social environment.
I had this glitch in me.
Realised that I'm not THAT sociable anymore.
Somethings I say, somethings I don't.
Not the new girl that would chirp a reply happily.
Instead I'm just, nodding, smiling, okay okay I got it.

Some people are really rude.
I mean, visitors.
They can be in such a rush, they think temperature taking is a big nuisance, and that YOU'RE the nuisance causing them to slow down.

You want to cross the building without a mask?
Go on.
You tio h1n1, don't blame us.

I'm lucky to have Kailin as lunch companion.
She's working 2 blocks away from me.
Gotta work like 7.30am tomorrow.

I'm serious.
And I'm doing OT till 5.30pm.

Dead much?

I missed ODL terribly.
I really felt like whining to him about myself, the headache that's killing my single brain cell, and such.
I guess that's the case when you have someone you can depend on.

I'm so whiny!


And admittedly, I'm more of high maintenance recently.

Hate it.

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