Friday, July 03, 2009

I shall update something else before I saw goodnight to the world!

To erh, simmer down the effects of the last entry (Which bf said was a ask & ans & solve by oneself entry)

Here's my babies!

This is DO!
My hammies are grow really fat now.
They're like babies when they first came!

Mi & Re.
I can recgonise them, their characters are entirely different!
Re climbs all over the cage!
Mi doesn't bite, he nibbles.

Oh btw.

Do & Re = Females
Mi = Male

Re kept biting me T^T
I need to get them chewing toys before they decide JESLENE LEE is the toy.

I love the three furballs nevertheless.

And here's my lao uncle at home - Bingo.

Oh, My bf just turned a proud daddy again!
He got a BUNNY!
And we named it SNOWY!

Initially its Fluffy, but fluffy's my bunny who passed away years ago.

Snowy's really cute and its getting used to the surroundings!
Pictures up soon!

(BF's mushy kisses and hugs through phone made me the undead. HAHA)

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