Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cosfest day!
It was raining really hard in the morning!
And thank goodness it stopped and only started again at 7plus!



I didn't stay at Cosfest though.
I was only there to wish Hiyu jie, cause I have to catch an early movie so I can be home for dinner with bf.
Mum asked him to come over.

Sorry yo.


Random fried rice I cooked that day.
Left over rice and a bored Jeslene.

Random dress for a random day lol.
At the side is Ms Lee Liying doing her touchup~

Hiyu Jie's soooooooo sexy!

So is Leaking!!!

I watched Transformers 2 with bf and its gooooooooooood!
Couple seats rock man, no restricted leg space!

Bumblebee is cute!

Ang Ku Kuey on BF HAHAHA!
And barn buddy in background.

I love my bf very much!

My mum warned m not to stick to him so much.
Cause we usually talk on the phone when he leaves my place for the station.
Then she say I very STICKY!


Its a shared thing between BF and I!
She say later BF runaway.


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