Friday, July 24, 2009

Jeslene fell sick!

I've been having this splitting headache since Monday night.
Thought it was nothing so I left it there.
On Tues, it was slightly better, all the more I left it alone.

On wed, it was back in full action!
Might be cause I'm wearing mask all day due to my work.
Yesterday was the last straw when I, the temperature screening staff, got a fever of 37.8degrees.

Went to see Doctor Tan and my fever went on to fall and rise.
Headache still around.

But oh well.
Its okay.

Yesterday when BF was sending me home, he even considered piggy backing me home.
Cause I was SO SO giddy!
He said it was rather cute cause when he pushed me lightly, I stumbled 1 metre away from him and I was like:

"Eyyy why you push meeeeee...." then i slowly 'floated' back to his side.


Okay, that aside, I fell asleep after medication, and I got awaken by at least 5 calls asking if I'm okay.

So, thank you guys! <3


BF at my place, and dad bought ice cream!


I randomly sang Qi Dai Ai to him hahaha.


My dog's been scratching and chewing on his leg too much. So my mum and bro turned him into a spacesh-i mean protective helmeted him.

I was changing hamsters' bedding and he came and nosed about.


My babies are getting really fat now. Though bf say they are still young.

My mum told me to get another cage soon, in case they give birth again.

Oh well.

And my dog, with a vacuum.
Seriously, do he just like it, or hate it?


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