Sunday, July 26, 2009

You know why I get lazy to update?

First and most irritating, Blogger's new post layout is still screwed up.
Previously, its just jumbled up and the post box just become a small little box at the corner.
Now its back to normal, without the post pictures and stuff.

So I count on Photobucket.

2) I've been spending my time with BF during the weekends, blissfully. XD

BF got pek cek on sat afternoon when I arrived.
CAUSE! I said I'm not hungry and I reufused to buy food.
He got pek cek.

And to cheer him up, I actually went to queue up with all the kiasu Singaporeans to get a free bottle of coke for him!

What Love made me do!?


We went to buy pufferfishes!
Cause there's way too many snails in his planted tank.
Yes, they are cute, but when they eat snails...



I seriously think I'm pretty afraid of BF.
Its a known fact we're loving and all.
But when it comes to disagreements, we had that stubbornness that refused to give in.

I think insecurities are there to stay until I really get married, to him of course.

Don't care, don't bother!
I'm still crazily in love!

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