Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Blogger allows uploading pictures again!

I had a fruitful day out with fiza <3
Went to Daiso for some stuff, then off we went to bugis for random shopping!
I didn't really shopped though. Just got myself a shirt that represents me =D

Pictures peeko!

I don't know is it someone stuck it there, or what.
But did you see the NO SLACKING sign?

I'm fascinated.

SQUARE Watermelons!
Look at the PRICE.

One bite of this watermelon is $1.90, assuming it takes 100 bites to finish it.

I read in Cleo that watermelon contains something that creates effects similar to consuming Chocs and Oysters.

Rang any bells?


Za and I, doing stupid stuff in Iluma~

Love gossiping with her.
Cannot stop one leh!

And the shirt i bought.

I randomly went to curl my hair after seeing some videos with women with curled hair.
YES, I'm that random.

Pretty, isn't it?

Bf is gonna wear executive wear soooooon!
He cannot laugh at me alrd!
I'm not OL, he is!



Operation month-sery: 15%

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