Saturday, July 18, 2009

Its a nice cloudy day!
And Bf brought Me and Leaking lobster fishing at Bukit Gombak!


But my lazy baby, despite me calling him to wake, woke up only when I reached Jurong East.
So we traveled to his place instead for lunch =)

Soon after, we set off to Gombak!

BF being the super hero doing all the bait stuff for the ladies.
Where to find sucha good bf?!

*tickles bf's chin*

Its a really nice park!

Lowering the bait to 'caves' and wait for the lobsters to grab.

You can feel the force pulling the bait down, and slowly when you're sure its addicted to the bait, you pull it up then use a net to scoop it.

Eh, both Lekaing and I got wet due to BF's super scooping.

First lobster within 10mins!

And we randomly caught a catfish too.
But we freed it after.
One tank can't hold two catfishes lah.

And bf fished as well.

I love my gf =D

And I love my bf deep deep haha!
He always bring me to weird places for free fun!

In the end we caught 6 Lobsters, 3 baby lobsters, and three fishes.

Which btw, contains a fighting fish I scooped up.
Cause I had no beginner's luck!
So I just randomly scoop it up when I saw it hahaha!

Lob lob loooooooooob!

Baby's very pretty tank!

And BF got a new stingray - Motoro!
Named it orh orh aka blackie!

Male hahaha.

And randomly, my hamsters are now nicely fat.

kuuuuuuuuuchi kuchiiii!

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