Sunday, July 19, 2009

This is Ms Lee Li Ying aka Leaking.
She works in the day, and when she doesn't, she is...


Why do I say so?

Cause she just sent me tons of pictures which i don't remember taking at all!

Like when I went to the zoo with bf...

And I totally forgot we took such a picture.

And when I was having a fist fight with Ms Tong.
And bf looked BLANK.

Of fishing lobsters and catfishes.

Of our catch.

Of me having a very very candid picture .

Of BF peering into the water and me having the 'giving birth leg open big big' position.
Look at my arm muscles haha.

Of a random happy candid.

Of happy homing after fishing.

Of stupid faces, okay, just mine.

And of BF and I at esplanade.
BF had that Okay Jeslene Lee, stop taking pictures let's go let's go.

Beware, her camera is always around you!

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