Saturday, June 21, 2008

Before anyone thinks I'm like...
Emo, depressed, whatever...

Jeslene Lee is rather alive, so no problems.
Just very tired these days.
Kept waking up at 4am in the morning and after I went back to sleep, I always wake up late.
And thus made Kailin wait for me.

I was supposed to have a date yesterday after work.
Yes lah, date lah.
But cancelled.
Headed to CS instead for billy bombers.

And today was Kbox day with Kailin.
Then headed to Ikea.
Then to tampines mall for some walkabout.

Felt a little...
I can only say, memories loitered in the mall.

Kai Lin is a good listener, and I love her for that as well as many other qualities she possessed.

Got myself a black satin OL skirt, which I am selling off cause my butt shows too much HAHA.
And a necklace from Minibits.
And a pretty v-neck top from Mango Sales.

I had a good time today =D
But I think I might be staying home tomorrow.
Unless I have some dates lo.

Im kidding.
You think I'm so popular?
I think my boobs are more popular than me =(

Esplande with YanLin.
Its that day the both of us walked from Tanjong Pagar to City Hall.
I walked in stilettos!
Call me crazy~ =D

We stood on the seats just to take the background haha.

Singapore river, and NDP platform.
Oh and Singapore Flyer hahaha!

The sunset and a crazy woman.

Before I headed out today.
I had triple eyelids on my left eye this morning!
Super shocked.
But it recovered before I remembered to take a picture of it.
I don't get triple eyelids unless I'm darn tired.
This proves something lah huh.

Outside of Kbox, E-Hub =))

Next week will be my final week with Capitaland Resi.
I'm almost fully booked for the week.

Monday & Tuesday: Kai Lin & Paul. I mean not together lah, just that haven't decided who to meet on which hahaha.

Wednesday: Nora, my supervisor and Josephine, my colleague, Li-Chung & Yanlin & Kailin. This spells FAREWELL DINNER. Hahaha. They're having japanese for my sake! HAHAHA!

Thursday: Practice @ Hark.

Friday: Dinner with Xinyun Jie. Jap again she promised lol!

Free for all on Sat and Sun.
While stock last?

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