Monday, June 30, 2008

i just got hoooooooome from Hark's Open Mic Students Showcase.
I was there to sing for 2 student composers.
I had a hard time memorizing the lyrics,
cause after all, they are original songs that I've never heard before.

Super tired right now,
not to mention hungry.
My dinner was an apple, mini one, at 4pm.
Super zai, I am.

After singing two songs today,
I surprised myself, I guess.
I wasn't nervous, I didn't make major mistakes...
Maybe its because of stage experience?
Finally, into good uses?

Phillip, an instructor in hark, said I improved three layers hahaha since last year's competition.
Pretty flattered, I must say.
And loads of people said I slimmed down.

My eyelids...
They are drooping close... soon.
I am heading to shenton way for lunch tomorrow.
Then shall head to bishaaaaan for my ceeeeeeeeert.


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