Saturday, June 07, 2008

I almost wanted to say good morning then I realised, its afternoon already.
My brains not working again lah.

Currently waiting for time to pass now,
cause tong will be late so I decided to blog a little.
Yes I'm finally meeting tong!

When I say I wanna talk a little,
I mean on the current relationship I'm having.
So if you don't wanna look at such.... things lah, better don't.

Blondie's "I miss you" has recently turned into "I love you".
Whenever he hugs me close, dropping me kisses here and there, he'll whisper those words.
I told him, well, I always do, that Love is too strong a word to use.
If you just like me alot, you better don't say love.

He went all silent upon hearing that.

Then he said, baby, if I miss you every single day, every second, even when you're with me, if this is not love I don't know what is it.
I told him, I don't know if he's fooling around with me.
He admitted that for his past relationships, some he had fooled around.

"But I'm serious baby, really. I don't know what to say for you to trust me, but I really am. Let time tell."

Let time tell, indeed.
I don't even know how long we'll last.
But I was really honest with him.
The insecurity, the fears, the doubts.
I can tell him straight in the face that I was suspecting that he was fooling around with some other ladies when he suddenly couldn't be contacted.
Maybe that's something good.
To be able to tell him how I feel.

The way we've started was weird already.
Chemistry and sparks drove us towards a relationship way too quickly.
So quickly, I can ask him, blondie when is our anni ah, he replied: huh ya hor!?
He said he didn't know why he fell so fast.
I couldn't explain further either.

But now that we're together.
Its better to look forward to days we'll see each other.
I don't want to think anymore.

Blondie, thank you for listening to me.
Thank you for taking me seriously.


I am hungry.

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